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Helping Those In Need

The Wealmoor Way Foundation is our vehicle to undertake philanthropic work and provide financial and strategic assistance for those most in need. Our trustees make grants where they believe their contribution will make the biggest difference, and we use those grants to support their chosen projects.


The trustees will largely, but not exhaustively support the following categories:

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Helping Those In Need

We work locally and globally with Wealmoor grower partners to identify ways to improve the lives of workers and communities in the countries in which we source and operate. We address these needs through assessments carried out by local partners, then invest directly in projects identified. Some recent examples include investment in water conservation and solar energy inKenya and school facilities in The Gambia.

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Charity Fundraising

Our staff at home also contribute through charity events in our business, such as our MacMillan Coffee Mornings, Wear it Pink day for breast cancer awareness, and Jeans for Genes day, for all those in the UK living with a genetic disorder. 

Food Waste Reduction

Through the Wealmoor Way Foundation, we also contribute to FareShare - a food waste prevention charity who are fighting hunger in the UK. In 2020, they donated the equivalent of 57 million meals, and formed an extraordinary emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more about FareShare here.

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Radville School

Built as part of The Rati and Vilas Dhanani School Endowment Project, named after Radville Farms established by Wealmoor’s founders. Radville Nemakunku Lower Basic School officially opened in October 2018 to over 1000 children.


Read more here.

Waitrose Foundation

We work with the Waitrose Foundation to fund local projects that help improve the lives of the workers who grow, pick and pack our produce. Worker committees decide how best to spend the money, with funds going towards everything from health clinics and libraries to emergency food parcels, hygiene kits and hardship funds. 

Read more here.

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Vilas Dhanani, MBE

Vilas Dhanani MBE, recognised for voluntary and charitable services, and fellow co-founder Rati Dhanani are known to have privately made personal charitable donations that far exceed their public fundraising efforts.

Vilas’ international charitable endeavours reach thousands of underprivileged women and children in some of the poorest regions of India, Kenya and Gambia where Wealmoor also continue to provide life-long opportunities through direct and indirect employment.

Wealmoor further encourages its employees to individually engage with charitable causes of their choice through their volunteering policy and continue Wealmoor’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Find Out More

If you would like to know more about the work we do and who we do it with, get in touch with us by emailing

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