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Wealmoor steps in to help our NHS heroes

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Wealmoor is not only helping to feed the nation, but also busy supplying hospitals in Middlesex and Warwickshire with hundreds of complimentary fruit and veg boxes.

At our Greenford and Atherstone depots, teams have been working around the clock day and night in a huge effort to supply shops with fresh produce. And yet, aside from this considerable task, we’ve found the time to focus on what we see as another top priority: the health and wellbeing of our communities.

“We very much want to play our part in helping deal with this crisis” says Wealmoor CEO Avnish Malde. “Given the severity of the Coronavirus outbreak, sending the NHS fresh fruit and veg from our ‘Love Me Tender’ range is the least we can do. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare support staff working tirelessly in hospitals throughout the area deserve our fullest support and gratitude”.

As well as in the UK, Wealmoor farms all around the world and serves today as an essential provider of tropical fruit and speciality vegetables. Malde adds, “We believe fundamentally that as well as farming responsibly, we’ve an even greater responsibility to protect our communities help improve lives”.

Wealmoor will continue to support local hospitals throughout Middlesex and Warwickshire at this time, and is willing and able to support other good causes on request.


“Thanks so much for keeping our vitamin stores topped up ♥️!!!”

“I work as a nurse in the NHS. I received a box of fruit and vegetables from your company. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your kindness.”

“I wanted to say a thank you for your kindness to send boxes of fruit & veg into our Hospital here in Stratford-Upon-Avon. It was not only very thoughtful, but also extremely good fruit and vegetables that brought big smiles to me and my family! If I could order such good quality produce regularly I would!”

“Just wanted to thank you so much for the vegetable hamper I received at the Pharmacy in Stratford Hospital, it is very much appreciated”

“Thank you for your donations of fruit and vegetables which was very kindly received by our department today I think there were loads of cartons of your produce which have been distributed amongst many different departments within the Northwick Hospital and St Mark’s Hospital site here in Harrow; and our department within IBD was just one of the many I think that must have been in receipt of your kind donations. Our staff here are blown away by how kind and thoughtful companies such as yourselves who are sending these boxes full of fruit and vegetables amongst other things and it is wonderful to know that the community and everyone cares and so thoughtful – it is very heart warming. Thank you once again.”

“I'm writing to thank you for your NHS fruit and veg box which my partner received as a pharmacist at Warwick hospital. She's been working some very long hours (hence why I'm messaging you) and as you can imagine, your treat was a great surprise when struggling to find fruit/veg out of hours after work. From myself and my partner, thank you for your kindness. Stay safe.”

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