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Radville Farms Annual Sports Day 2022!

Sunday was a special day for us on our Radville Farms in The Gambia! We got together for our annual Sports Day!

This year’s Radville ‘El Classico’ saw those working inside the pack-house (wearing the green kit) take on those working outside it (orange kit). Competitiveness and excitement ran high, and every goal, tackle and shot were met by passionate roars from the crowd. While the score line seems to have been conveniently forgotten by the author of this post, he is quietly reminded it is somewhere in the region of 7-3 to those in green!

It was a wonderful day for all at Radville and a great opportunity to come together for an afternoon that reflected and celebrated their hard work over the past year.

A huge thank you to the organisers; in particular, Njie, one of our

longest-serving drivers, who may struggle to live down that nutmeg while in goal!

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