A dedicated grower & supplier of fresh cut herbs & leafy vegetables.

Herbs are leaves and sometimes stems of a group of aromatic, non-woody plants used in cooking. Over the last years, herbs have become an essential ingredient for enhancing, complementing, and even defining the flavours of a dish. As a result the Herbs category has been significantly grown. 


To provide consumers with a year round solution, Herbfresh was fully integrated into Wealmoor on January 1st 2019. Herbfresh crops a 1,000 acres of outdoor crop with an additional 20 acres produced in tunnels and 2 acres of glasshouse spread around Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.  We complement this with supplies during the winter from dedicated growing partnerships around the world to ensure our customers are catered for on a year round basis. 


Herbs are fascinating in their fragrance, flavour and variety. From coriander to basil, Herbfresh offers a comprehensive range 

of herbs which have been consolidated and packed in Wealmoor’s state of the art London facilities. Once packed, Herbfresh products embark on their journey ending in delicious dishes.

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