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About British Asparagus

British Asparagus is an icon of the UK vegetable season being the first new season British crop available annually. Traditionally starting on St George's day (23rd April) and running for roughly 8 weeks, British Asparagus is widely recognized for its flavour & freshness and superior taste. An incredibly versatile product as a great accompaniment with eggs at breakfast or brunch a perfect partner at the side of your plate for lunch or dinner boiled, steamed, roasted, grilled or fried! It's low in calories and fat, full of fibre, folic acid, vitamins C & K.

About us

Wealmoor & our partners have been growing Asparagus for over 20 years on land, carefully selected to produce high quality and flavorsome asparagus. It's a labour of love & patience as it takes 3 years from planting to harvesting the first spears. The asparagus is very carefully nurtured and each spear is hand cut. Rapid cooling ensures a very good shelf-life.

We're proud to bring you Saxon's Asparagus, combining historic farming heritage with outstanding freshness and a true taste of Britain. To find out more about the Saxon's range & recipe options please see explore!


Saxon's Spears

Our iconic hero – a great tasting, fully green, typically 18-22cm (57/8" – 71/8") spear. Packed with pride from farm to store in 72 hours.


Saxon's King

The ultimate product for the asparagus lover – a juicy, sweet green spear, typically 18-20cm (7" – 8") long and 18-28mm (3/4" – 11/8") in diameter. Packed with pride from farm to store in 72 hours. Best cooked on a griddle, baked or grilled to caramelize the sugars.


Saxon's Royal Purple

A variety with the health benefits that purple vegetables bring, as well as a sweeter alternative to the Saxon's Spear. Typically 15-18cm (57/8" – 71/8") spear, packed with pride from farm to store in 72 hours.

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