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3-way chilli network

Did you know the chilli came from humble beginnings?

Started it’s life in Mexico 6,000 years ago and now there are more than 400 varieties around the world used in spices, as a fresh ingredient - or even eaten whole by some! 


It is well known that chillies stimulate endorphins in the body and release adrenaline, directly responsible for the ‘feel good factor’ associated with spicy food. Additionally, there is a significant move from roasts, meat & 2 vegetables style meals to dish-based meals like pasta, stir fry and curry. Exotic and international flavours are highly popular. As a result of all these developments, the chilli category is in growth. 


In order to respond to the changing consumption demands, we have developed a ‘3 way Chilli Network with our own production in West Africa, Spain and the UK. This is a key pillar of our connected global supply network. 


Linking these 3 supply chains has enabled us to develop a core offering growing conventional varieties but also matching our breeding and cropping with consumer demands and trends by growing fruits which enable chilli novices to try milder varieties. Our partners in India and Kenya provide complementary varieties which broaden the offering we can provide our customers.

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