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Our Awards

Our Awards

We have been recognised in so many different areas over the years and as you’ll see below, all of our accolades are a reason for us to celebrate our exceptional attitudes and behaviours, and our desire for best practice.


In fact, our awards are a reflection of just how amazing our people are, which is why we’d like to thank everyone involved who helps to make Wealmoor so special and unique.


RAC Cooling Industry

Building Energy Project of the Year Award


As part of our commitment to sustainability, Wealmoor, in partnership with

I-I-ICE scooped the RAC Cooling Industry ‘Building Energy Project of the Year award’ for saving 2.17 million kW/hrs per year, 

year on year in energy.


Peruvian Agro-export Industry

Outstanding Contribution to Peruvian Agro-export Industry 


Here, we were recognised for our outstanding contribution towards the development and growth of Peruvian agro-exports by the Peruvian ambassador himself.

Waitrose Farming Awards 2019

Inspiration and Leadership Award – Sulayman Mboge & Mamour Sey, Radville Farms, The Gambia


Having supplied Waitrose for many years, we were delighted that Sulayman & Mamour were recognised and named as a Finalist for inspiration and leadership in their involvement with Radville Farms in The Gambia.

FPJ Live 2019

Innovation Award – Herbfresh Box


Being passionate about reducing our impact on the planet we were excited to win an award for innovation in our packaging of herbs. A new solution of polypropylene box which has all of the following great benefits: a reduction in carbon footprint; is 100% recyclable so no need to incinerate or landfill. It’s a change for the delivery of herbs into the markets which we are excited to be leading whilst at the same time making a positive 

impact on the planet.

Marketing or Digital Initiative Award – Saxon’s Asparagus


We launched Saxon’s asparagus through a multi-channel marketing campaign to promote various benefits of this vegetable while supporting UK provenance and industry. It was significantly important for its 

contribution to public health and UK asparagus. Our seasonal asparagus sales have risen 20% YOY.

Sustainability Award – Gorge and Solar Initiative


Our project to develop a reliable water source for our farm in Kenya earned us this Sustainability Award. In order to combat the scarcity of water in the region, we created an innovative solution that diverts captured flash floods from rainfall to the dams that feed the farm. Energy drawn from solar panels is then used to pump the water and distribute it across 3km to the main dam. This storage can now supply the farm with over 2 million cubic meters of water using natural, sustainable means.


ASDA Sustain and Save Exchange Awards 2018

Unsung Hero Award - Chaan Botha


Colleague Chaan Botha was thrilled to be presented with ASDA’s 

‘Unsung Hero Award’ for his work on reconfiguring our cardboard bale sizes. Wealmoor is fully committed to sustainability and needless to say, delighted with Chaan’s efforts.

FPJ Live 2018

Sustainability Award – Womens Empowerment Programme


By empowering women farmers with the skills and resources to sustainably grow food, guaranteed income for their crop and access to European markets, through sustainable farming we have improved the lives of thousands of people in The Gambia.

The Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250 League Table 2015-18

There’s one thing for sure, Wealmoor is a progressive organisation and here celebrates the fact that we were recognised by The Sunday Times for growth and profit.


Waitrose Way Awards 2016

Treating People Fairly Award – Women’s Kitchen Gardens,

The Gambia


We’ve always been proud of our work in developing communities in The Gambia, empowering women farmers with the skills and resources to grow food. Being recognised for this by Waitrose and winning this 

special award was just fantastic!


The Waitrose Way Awards 2015

Championing British Award


We were very pleased to be presented with this award for our innovation in producing speciality vegetables for Waitrose. We believe in championing British produce and developing our range, carefully considering soil types, micro climates and altitudes.


IGD Food Industry Awards 2012

The Co Operative Award for Ethical Responsibility


This award recognises real change for our industry, society and the environment through continually improving ethical behaviour. 

We effectively delivered a holistic sustainable solution in a commercial viable way.  This inspirational project provides improved local 

ecosystem, food supply and economic support for the community 

in a highly competitive challenging market.

The Waitrose Way Awards 2012

Treading Lightly Water Reduction Award - Underground Pond Rainwater Collection 


The 80% reduction of water use in our Atherstone on Stour site, along with our building of the largest dam in Kenya merited this award from Waitrose for treading lightly. The dam now guarantees year-round 

employment for local communities.

The Waitrose Way Awards 2012

Treating People Fairly – LEAF Accreditation of Small Growers

Highly Commended

We’re grateful to be highly commended by Waitrose for our work supporting 647 small growers in Kenya to gain their LEAF accreditation. This allowed them to get their quality products to export markets, bringing them a more reliable income.


Tesco IGD Conference 2011

Excellence in Availability Award


Here we were recognised for our responsibility towards the customers and communities we support, and are praised in the effort we make for those customers. Thank you Tesco!


re:fresh awards 2010

Fresh Direct Overall Produce Trader of the Year


re:fresh awards 2010

FPJ Importer of the Year


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