Asparagus Lentil and Cranberry Terrine with truffle oil and gravy

Important information

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes


3 tin cooked lentil

2 bunch green asparagus blanched in salted water, with a still crunchy heart

1 carrot chopped in small cubes

1 shallot chopped in small cubes

40g olive oil

2 tbsp dry porcini mushroom

1 tbsp dry thyme

1 tbsp dry rosemary

1 tbsp dry sage

½ glass red wine

Handful of dry cranberry

Salt and pepper to taste

4 portion of mushroom gravy

Truffle oil to taste


  1. In a large sauce pan heat the oil with the shallot and the dry mushroom, stir for one minute and add the dry herbs.

  2. When the shallot is brown add the lentil the cranberry and the red wine.

  3. Simmer and allow the wine to evaporate, add the tomato paste, simmer for further few minute,add seasoning, remove from  fire and roughly mash about half of the lentil with a fork or with a musher.

  4. Set a side.

  5. Cut the asparagus in half lengthwise and then in 7 cm pieces. Line the perimeter of a steel ring (8 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height) with the pieces of asparagus with the sharp cut outwards.

  6. Add the leftover asparagus sliced in small pieces to the lentil mix.

  7. At the base, in the center of this circle of asparagus place the lentil, pressing down gently with the back of a spoon, remove the ring and serve with the gravy and few drops of truffle oil.

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