our produce.

Wealmoor follow the sun around the world, sourcing exotic fruit products from the tropical and sub-tropical belt.

We have developed long term relationships with the best growers in all the key growing areas in the world, sourcing the highest quality Tropical Fruit. Being a grower ourselves of mangoes on our farms in West Africa, we know what it takes. We only work with growers who are passionate about their products and their local communities. Wealmoor carefully select the finest varieties of each fruit to ensure their customers are always supplied with the best tasting fruit through the year.

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We grow and supply:

• Mango
• Papaya
• Pomegranates
• Passion fruit
• Sharon fruit
• Lychees
• Limes
• Physalis
• Dragon fruit
• Pitahaya
• Pomelo
• Coconut
• Rambutan
• Mangosteen
• Guavas
• Many others!