Premium veg

our produce.

The freshest produce brought to you – juicy green beans,
sweet baby carrots, tender broccoli and succulent asparagus.

Full of vitamins, fresh vegetables are a fundamental part of any healthy diet. Wealmoor supply a large range of interesting and delicious fruits & vegetables, including green beans, runner beans, asparagus, peas, Tenderstem® and baby courgettes. During the summer months, these crops are grown locally by our expert English growers, but as the temperatures drop, we return to our overseas growers to continue supply throughout the winter. Wealmoor takes an active role in developing community projects at source and by providing a sustainable route to market for our growers around the world, they can provide further investment in local community projects which raise the standard of living.

We grow and supply:

• Peas & beans
• Fine beans
• Extra beans
• Mangetout
• Sugar snaps
• Dwarf beans
• Runner beans
• Helda beans
• Babycorn
• Baby courgettes
• Baby carrots
• Asparagus
• Tenderstem brocolli

Premium veg