grown with passion

Our Founder.

From potatoes and onions to mangoes and papayas we’ve delivered a whole world of wonderful fresh produce for over 30 years.

Rati Dhanani, a pioneer of export horticulture from Kenya in the 1960′s, established Wealmoor Ltd in 1973 after identifying the potential market for exotics in the UK and the need to expand sources outside of Kenya. Under his continued leadership the business has grown, evolved and adapted embracing change and challenge alike, underpinned by the same passion for fresh produce that launched the business in 1973.

Having established a domestic business to grow potatoes and onions (previously imported) he was granted an audience with President Jomo Kenyatta of the newly independent Kenya to discuss a vision for Kenyan horticulture. With business partner Shambhubhai Patel he established Kenya Horticultural Exporters and an airfreight market for beans and exotic vegetables in the UK. This was closely followed by his introduction and commercial development of mangoes, papayas and other exotic fruits.

Horticulture remained a passion for Rati throughout his professional and personal life. He will be remembered as more than a businessman by our employees, customers and grower partners worldwide many of whom have developed alongside Wealmoor for half a lifetime.

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Founded by Mr Rati Dhanani with the same passion for fresh produce we keep today