safely rooted


All our produce is fully traceable from all our farms, world-wide, to delivery to our customers.

At Wealmoor, we understand the importance of tracking products back to their original roots and identify not just the farm, but the field and row they come from. The origin of all our produce is fully documented at all stages throughout the Wealmoor Journey, from growth to distribution. This enables us to ensure maximum consumer consumption safety and also manage quality. This involves recording operators to whom products have been supplied and from whom they have been received- the so called “one step back – one step forward” approach.

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Going beyond the standard

At Wealmoor we know exactly where our products have been grown and by whom. Through close long standing partnerships with our growers we assist in the production of all our fresh fruit and vegetables guaranteeing provenance and ensuring consistent product quality and safety.

Each grower has a unique system in place enabling us to trace individual packs from the plate to the growing plot from anywhere in the world. Behind each pack of “Trimmed Fine Beans” or “Golden Papaya” there is a story which we are more than happy to share through our unique traceability system.